Wednesday, November 13, 2013


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Mrs Zanaa---> ~NOVEMBER~
Those who were born in November are great thinkers. They have the best ideas and always quick to respond. They are very patient and have great personalities. They are determined and never give up unless they get what they want. They are trustworthy and always honest. They are hard to anger. They are very brave and equally generous. Although they do have a number of great traits, they have trouble keeping their emotions in control. They themselves are secretive, but love to know what is going on with other people. They are unpredictable, which can sometimes be a bad thing.

Mr Asyrah---> ~MARCH~
People who were born in March are said to have very attractive personalities and be very affectionate. They are honest and trustworthy by nature. They also get a lot of enjoyment out of peace and serenity. They love to serve others as long as others appreciate their kindness. They are very good people to talk to because they are great listeners. They love to travel. Although they have lots of good qualities, they do possess negative ones. They are often moody and secretive. They are pretty easy to anger and love to get attention. They often make decisions too quickly.

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